Chattanooga Cup


Location: Black Creek Club

Date: November 19th, 2024


2023 Captains 

Amateur Captain TGA President Mike Jenkins 

Professional Captain TPGA President Lamar Mills

The top 8 Amateurs and top 4 Senior Amateurs will be selected to face off against the top 8 Local Professionals and top 4 Local Senior Professionals in a one-day, 36-hole, Ryder Cup format for the 2024 Chattanooga Cup. Morning format will be fourball and the after noon format will be foursome.  

November 13th at Council Fire, tee times starting at 8:30

Entry Fee: $40

How to Earn Points

TPC rankings were created to determine the top amateur players in the area through a Point System.  Players earn points for participating in local amateur Invitational tournaments and state events.  The players with the most points will be selected to compete against the PGA team in the Chattanooga Cup Matches at the end of the year.  


  • Based on TPC ranking from participation in local and State Amateur events durning the 2023 season. 



  • Based on the 2023 Rolex Player of the Year standings. 


Cup Notes

  • Any player who qualifies and is unable to attend, then that position will become a captains pick.
  • Players will be allowed to participate in only ones of format if needed. 

Chattanooga Cup Sponsors

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2023 Chattanooga Cup Teams

Team Mike

Senior Ams

  •  Joe Markham
  •  Brent Henley
  •  Tom Baird 
  •  Richard Keene


  •  Andrew Weathers
  •  Chris Wells 
  •  Keoni Vidrine
  •  Wes Farris 
  •  Brandon Cissom
  •  Jay Potter
  •  Spencer Honey 
  • Rick Mays


Team Lamar

Senior Professionals

  •  Henrik Simonsen
  •  Doug Amor
  •  Chris DeBusk
  •  Rob Riddle 


  •  Mark Fermanian
  •  Sam Marshall
  •  Brandon Arnold
  •  Paul Apyan
  •  Greg Harnage
  •  Jordan Douglas 
  •  Skylar Thompson
  • Josh Wall


Team Mike

Team Lamar

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